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Paul is amazing. He is so patient with his students and explains thing so simply and easily. I feel so much more confident now with my camera thanks to his walking tour. – Sofia

Walkshop FAQ's

You don’t need expensive kit to come on a Photography Walk-Shop. Your camera needs to have a manual mode - that’s it. You don’t need lots of lenses either, just one or two at the most. Keep it light and simple.

The first question people often ask is “well, how much does it all cost?” and the answer is simple – FROM ONLY $69. We keep our price low and we keep the number of people in each group low. We only ever have a maximum of 8 people on a Walk-Shop so that you get the best experience possible.

So what happens if it rains? The Walk-Shops usually go ahead come rain hail or shine. Bring a raincoat and/or an umbrella and be prepared for the rain. We can help each other to use our cameras under cover. You actually get some amazing shots in the wet and in most cases it is an opportunity not to be missed.

The Photography Walking Tours make great gifts for people you know that have a passion for photography. You can purchase a gift voucher that can be used on any of the walking tour Walk-Shops for a period of 12 months.

What about night time Walk-Shops? We have a series of night time walks that allow you to learn valuable skills and take some amazing shots with available urban light. A tripod is needed for the  city-scape tour but external flash is not.

Where do the walking tours go? Just about everywhere. There are a variety of walks around both the City and Fremantle. Each walk is different and you will never really know what you will see – that is the great thing about street photography really.

Do you still have questions? There is no such thing as a stupid question – that is the most important rule. When you book you will receive an information packet that will outline where to meet, what to bring etc. Please feel free to fire any questions you might have to us at any time.

How long do the walks go for? Usually between 2 and 3 hours but there are no hard and fast rules here. One thing that is certain is that time will go extremely fast – the fun things are like that. Most tours run in the late afternoon, the last 2 hours of sunlight, when the light is at its best.

What happens at the end of the tour? Everyone is welcome to debrief over a coffee, compare images, talk about how everyone went and reinforce the wonderful new skills you have learnt.

Who is this perfect for? Well, our Walk-Shops are perfect for Tourists who not only want to see some of the sites of Perth but may also want to ensure that their photography skills can capture the rest of their trip around Australia in a way that will impress their friends back home. We get Mums & Dads who have just bought a camera or want to learn how to take better photos of their children. We get beginners and enthusiasts and we get people from Perth who want to explore their city. If you are reading this right now I will bet that what we do is also perfect for YOU!

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