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Perth Family Portrait Photography

"My mother became very ill a while back and she wanted to have a family portrait taken as she put it “as a legacy for her grandchildren”. We chose Lensflair and the whole process was amazing. Mum passed recently and I am so glad we had the family session when we did" – Jackie

Why are family portraits so important?


As time continually marches on portraits become treasures, windows to the memories of the past. When we look at them, we’re able to take ourselves back to that precise moment, that joyous memory of the past. Portraits allow you a constant reminder of each of the family members you love past present and distant.




"Our family is very eccentric and I was worried that we would be too difficult to photograph. As soon as Paul heard this, his face lit up – he loves dynamic family groups and we all had a blast. He captured each one of our unique personalities" – The Johnson Family



Getting your family portraits taken professionally means the entire family is in the picture. Parents, or a parent usually, are normally the ones who are not in the pictures because they are the ones behind the camera focused on capturing the rest of the family in the photos. But with time being so precious, the focus should be on each and every family member. Everyone in the family should be in the photos and unfortunately relying just on selfies wont do. Selfies like any fad will pass and people will look back on the selfie era as a very awkward and trashy part of history.



"We had a family portrait taken some 5 years ago with Lensflair. Paul said that we would come to treasure the frame we purchased. Well he was right, we do and we are back for an updated family portrait." – Michelle & Dan

My Story

My children (two beautiful girls) are growing up so fast. I understand why parents take pictures of their children all the time, and I assume you are the same. You want to capture the special moments of childhood those small things that are pure joy and innocence. There is a sentimental quality to such photography that I didn’t fully understand until I first help my eldest daughter in my arms, my face was the first face she saw.


Recently I have had to go through a separation and I have not seen my girls for quite a while, which being a super hands on dad has been difficult. Not a day went by when I did not tell them how much I loved them. So I have been spending some time looking back on the pictures I have taken of them, shedding a few tears and being ever so grateful that I have these amazing memories of my girls.


Looking back through pictures of my kids I began to notice that I didn’t have as many pictures of them with me. The reality is I was always the one behind the camera. I began to understand that I created such a void of space in their family archive by not including myself?


I need to change that, and the events of late have really shown me this. I have gained yet another layer of appreciation for the work that I do for other people by seeing the effects in my own life. I am one of the most important people in the life of my children and I should no longer be excused for my absence from the pictures.


So what can you take away from this story? Well there are several things. The first is treat each moment with your children as special. That should apply to your whole family. You should make sure you are in the photos as much as possible. It is important for your children to look back and see you in the pictures with them. It shows them a part of the bond that you share; it shows that you were present and an important part of their lives. Lastly we are not here forever, so create a legacy for those that you will one day leave behind.


I hope to see you in my studio in the near future with the privilege of capturing your treasured moments in time.

Find Out More...

To Book a session or simply to find out more, simply select the BOOKINGS link From the main menu, fill in the enquiry form and someone will be in touch shortly to run you through all the details.

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