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Please feel free to Contact Us with any queries that you might have regarding the Lensflair Portrait Expereince. Hopefully the FAQ's below will help you understand the experience.


Do I have to place my order at the time of the portrait viewing?

Yes this is the time we are able to advise you on getting the best from your photographs, so all of the decision makers in the family should be present.


How long do orders take to complete?

We average around 6 weeks for orders, however the lead time does depend on the individual details of your order.


Is it possible to lay by my purchase?

Full payment is generally required on all smaller orders but no interest take home lay by is available for larger orders subject to approval.


What are the prices of your photographs? Are they Expensive?

Essentially…No, photos are not expensive. Webster defines expensive as “commanding a high price and especially one that is not based on intrinsic worth”. What is good professional portraiture worth? It is actually priceless, It has immeasurable worth and will become one of your most important possessions, irreplaceable treasures.


What is the cost of a portrait session?

This varies depending on the type and location of your portrait session. This said prices start from $120 and you can Click Here to see the price list or alternatively Click Here to purchase a portrait session.


How long do you keep the images for?

We keep copies of images that you purchase for a period of 12 months from the date of your viewing session.


Can we just purchase digital images?

We do a web ready image disc of 10 images that have been retouched for you that is available for purchase. We point out to our clients that true protraiture is a physical printed medium.


What do I wear?

We discuss this in your Design Consultation but we have an online style guide coming soon.


Do you offer professional hair & makeup?

Yes we do. It is standard in our glamour makeover packages and can be added as an add on extra in most other portrait packages.


What is the cost of a portrait session?

This depends on the type of portrait session you require. You can CLICK HERE to see our price list.

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