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Lensflair Perth Photographer
Lensflair Perth Photographer

Is Your Family Unusual?... Then We Want YOU!

Is your family a little on the unusual side, or even a lot on the unusual side? Every family is unique and has its own characters. I am working on a new project entitled “The Search For The Normal Family”. I don’t expect to find a family that could be described as normal; in fact I want to search out those families that are anything but normal. In short – I want to photograph your family.


This is a great opportunity for your family to have a bit of fun, express its individuality and to reward you for your time I will give you a free gift of a free print from the shoot. What does it cost you? Absolutely nothing at all except an hour or so of your time; and did I mention you get a FREE PRINT?



"Donate Your Family To Photographic Science"



All you have to do is fill in the form below, click “send” and I will be in contact shortly to book a suitable time for you and your family. It is that simple, so what are you waiting for?

Find Out More...

Places are limited.

You will need to work with the photographer’s creative talents to create the unique work envisaged.

You are encouraged to bring along creative crops or costumes.

Images are for the creative project “The Search For The Normal Family”.

You will receive a free 7x5inch matted print selected by the photographer.

You may view additional images for purchase if you choose to.

Generally the shoot will be on a location suitable for the overall theme.

You must have fun…

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